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Medical device companies

Train Your entire enterprise

Sales Team

Knowledge is power and, in medicine, product knowledge means more sales.   Train rigorously, test for competency, and build a powerful sales team!

Customer - Practitioners

Doctors, nurses and clinicians are loyal to products they understand and have confidence in. This confidence is built on comprehensive training and education. Offer quality training, backed with CMEs and CEUs and practitioners will be your strongest advocates.

Internal Support Team

The picture is not complete without a common body of knowledge at all corners of the company. Provide the same rigorous training to your internal organization.


an information & training hub

2 Portals Cover Your Entire Organization

The StarCast Process - How It Works

First, Launch Your StarCast System

The next steps are easy... and we'll help you at each milestone


Mine Customer Data

Customer training data correlates directly with your customers' interests. more... hide


Track Customer Activity

Your sales teams have real-time access to customer training more... hide


Track Proficiency of your Sales Team

As your sales teams and internal staff complete assignments, begin to track more... hide


Push to Customers

Populate your Customer Portal with CEU and CME approved courses for self-serve access by your customers. more... hide


Create Feature Rich Content Library

Develop courses, tests, videos and pdfs to fit your products and marketplace.


Certify for CEUs, CMEs

Obtain CEU and CME certifications for your courses and develop your own more... hide

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Push to Sales

Use StarCast’s automation features to get sales training moving quickly. Make more... hide

How Do I get Started?

At StarCast, our engineers are proud of the platform they have built. They are confident it will transform your medical device training.

Call to speak with one of our very accessible humans!

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