design logic

starcast pods

StarCast was designed around the concept of Pods, which is a new and unique concept in software. A Pod encompasses a group a people in an organization with similar or related functions. A single company may have one or many Pods.

Pods let you start small and grow your StarCast system incrementally. For example, you might start with a Pod for US Sales, then later add a Pod for Cardiac Diagnostics or EMEA, later still for HR, and so forth.

When ready, Super-Pod lets you connect many pods under one data umbrella and allows cross-pod sharing of information, global pushes and top-down demographic controls.

Medical Compliance

StarCast is 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant and validatable under FDA guidelines. StarCast was designed to integrate with Complaint Management, CAPA, ECN and ECO systems for training integration under GxP medical standards for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing.