How do I get started
With Starcast

Start small, grow as you go

The great thing about building your StarCast system is that it can and should be done incrementally. StarCast is intuitive and appealing. You will like it and find it easy to use.

Decide which groups you need to train first: your sales team, your inside sales team or your customer-practitioners. Other groups can be added later.

From there, it's just step by step.

Which groups do you need to train first?

  • Sales Reps
  • Customer-Practitioners
  • Internal Sales Support

Get your existing content together

  • PowerPoints
  • White Papers
  • Tests / Quizzes

Do you need or already have certifications?

  • Show me how
  • I'm working on it
  • All set to go!

Optional Training Course
Development Services

If you would like help in developing training and testing content, our process is fast and economical.

PowerPoint Clean-up

We standardize the look and feel of each slide, clean up the layered templates, align fonts and font sizes, and eliminate hidden artifacts that prevent your PPT from being converted for web playback.


We synchronize text, images and videos to appear or fly-in at the appropriate time in concert with the audio track.

Script Writing & Development

We work from your basic script, paper-based notes, training materials and so forth to develop a script for each slide. This script can be used for submission to Regulatory approval prior to the training course being launched.

Professional Voice-over

Our voice artists are familiar with medical content and understand how to deliver the information using the proper cadence with the correct emphasis on critical elements. Single or multiple artists can be used on each course, voices can be male or female. Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German also available.

Test Development

We start with questions developed by you and put them into the proper format for pre-course, in-line or post-course question delivery. Questions can be T-F, multiple choices, multiple response, matching, fill-in and other types.

Play & Proof

Our experts watch the entire course, take the exam several times, make adjustments and tweaks, and vet the course from the standpoint of a novice user, assuring you of a polished, professional result.

Ready To Start?

Give us a call, or an email, and we'll put our muscle behind helping you get your medical training done!