StarCast User Portals
StarCast offers three unique online training portals. Each portal is structured for the particular group that it serves.
New Hire Online Training

New Hire Portal

Goal:   Online Orientation Training

Recommended For:
• New Device Sales Reps
• New Employees

New hires for your company log in to a New Hire Portal that is specifically designed to meet their elearning needs on their first day. The layout is simple, prescribed, and mandatory.
Once a new hire completes the online training content on the New Hire Portal, he or she then “graduates” to the Employee Training Portal where ongoing online training can begin.
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Online Employee Training

Employee Training Portal

Goal:  Device / Procedure Training

Recommended For:
• Device Sales Rep Training
• Employee Training

Every employee has their own Employee Training Portal which contains online training content specific to their job or responsibilities.
The Employee Training Portal houses a mix of mandatory device training assignments, library items for self study, and webcast listings. This elearning content is “pushed” to specific groups or individual sales reps.
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Online Customer Training

Customer Portal

Goal:  Product Training

Recommended For:
• Customers / Dealers
• Any Externals selling your products

Your customers log into a Customer Portal that allows them to quickly and easily access important online training information about your devices or prcedures
Your Sales Reps in the field can add and track their own customerss to ensure that each customer is receiving and completing the online training they need.
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