About StarCast

StarCast has been developed as a cross-division corporate e-learning tool incorporating our proprietary PowerPoint to Flash conversion engine and content player. Although StarCast was not developed exclusively for medical companies, they expressed strong interest in utilizing StarCast's strong analytical foundations to handle documentation intensive regulatory & compliance training. As a result, StarCast counts a significant number of medical companies among its clientele.

StarCast elearning installations and users can be found in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Austria, South Africa, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and many more places. Multi-lingual by nature, global in scope, StarCast is the ideal solution for unifying dispersed organizations within a single universe. Efficiency is a universal concept; Online Training with StarCast is a global solution.

Build courses, tests, and surveys (and gather important documents) and upload to your StarCast elearning System. Push Content to targeted trainees (via personalized training portals) that may include Sales Reps, Physicians, and Employees. Trainees launch content and watch courses, take tests, view important documents, and sign “eSignature-required” elements. Track progress, gauge training efficacy, and produce validatable reports for governing bodies.

A Few of Our Customers

What Our Customers Say

"StarCast is an extremely cost-effective solution to communicating key product updates and getting information out quickly and accurately to our employees, sales reps and customers across the globe. I have researched web-based training systems and no other product offers the versatility, functionality and affordability of the StarCast platform."
Todd Gladden Corporate Training Manager Conmed Linvatec

"Now, instead of our customers having to fly to Denver for training, they go to our website and access a series of courses that provide training on using our products. It's a wonderful way to provide training, it's a much more practical solution, and it's actually a customer friendly solution."
Rick Jory CEO Sandhill Scientific

“We use StarCast to teach surgeons the correct procedures for performing ventricular restoration or heart reshaping. We can have multiple surgical procedures on-line with several experts narrating through the surgeries to help solve problems. StarCast reaches surgeons more cost effectively than holding live seminars.”
Kent Richards CHF Technologies