The Core System

StarCast provides the building blocks needed to create, deploy and track your program.

The StarCast System includes all the features needed to manage training and compliance in your organization. These building blocks provide a solid foundation for the elearning, communication, and document management needs of your company. Build online training content, push content to employees, test and track progress of users, upload, manage, and grant access to company documents.

The StarCast Core System includes modules which provide a solid foundation for the elearning, communication, and document management needs for your organization. With the Core System you can build online training content, push content to employees, test and track progress of users, hold webcasts, and upload, manage, and grant access to company documents.

1. Employee Training Portal

A personalized location for Sales Reps and Employees to access ongoing training and important documents.

2. Library & Resources

An infinitely expandable central warehouse for all your elearning courses, test, surveys, and documents.

3. Portal Assignments

The fastest and most efficient way to get training and information directly in front of your sales reps and employees.

4. StarCast Recorder

A powerful authoring tool that allows users to quicky and easily create customized elearning courses and presentations.

5. Reports

Instant access to a vast stockpile of data compiled by StarCast and categorized for quick and accurate data extraction.

6. eSignature

An efficient compliance solution for government-mandated training and record keeping. The StarCast eSignature component meets the electronic signature linking requirement of the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11.

7. Tests

Find out how much your people really know. An easy-to-use interface allows you to build tests and attach to elearning courses in minutes.

8. Surveys

Gather opinions and find out how your people really think. Attach Surveys to elearning courses or send as stand-alone elements.

9. StarCast Rocketmail

Instantly e-mail your elearning courses, webcasts, tests, surveys, and documents to thousands inside or outside your organization.

10. User Admin

Upload and manage historical and classroom training and maintain critical user demographics and groups.

11. Learning Plans

Build structured learning plans that guide users through the correct sequence of courses, tests, surveys, documents, and on-the-job training. StarCast automatically assigns plans to users based on their group affiliation, time on the job, or other parameters you specify.

 StarCast Features

StarCast keeps it simple. We offer a wide array of features without charging you for things you probably won't use.

Personalize Your Site

Personalized Branding

StarCast allows you to put your brand on the entire application, your logos, your colors, your terminology.

Corporate Structure

StarCast can accomodate all the divisions in your organization each with its own branding.

User Integration

StarCast integrates your HRIS data to keep all your records current so that users have proper access.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support team will be alongside to assist you during the entire setup and after. We don't assess additional charges for Customer Support. When you are happy, we are happy.

Establish Roles

Solving the problem of providing Sales Rep specific documents, policies and training.

Full Featured User Access

Manager's Portal & WatchList

Allows Managers and Supervisors to watch the training progress of their reports and assist in the process.

Library & Resources

An infinitely expandable central warehouse for all your elearning courses, test, surveys, and documents.

Portal Features

Announcements, TimeZone display, Rocketmails, Certifications Earned, eSignatures Pending & Signed, Personal Site Links, My Documents, Org Tool, My History, My URLs and MORE!

Training Assignments, Learning Plans

Users can see immediately what is due, what is long term and what is self-serve. A great place to review prior training and access critical documents.

Mobile Support

Browser-based StarCast is available on nearly any device.


Manage Users

StarCast integrates your HRIS data so maintaining up to the minute accuracy in user records is simple.

Manage Content

StarCast supports Courses, Videos, Tests, Surveys and Documents.

Authoring Tool

Create courses with the StarCast Recording Tool, create and manage Tests and Surveys

Structured Learning Needs

Build Learning Plans by Department, Division, JobTitle or other demographic.

Push Assignments

Push Assignments or Plans for short or long term assignments.

Classroom Training

Make sure your users get credit for their classroom or external training.

Reporting Engine

The integrated reporting engine allows for a vast array of reports, downloads and memorized reports.


Along with a host of additional features, StarCast allows administrators to change all passwords, system wide, on a periodic basis.

Customer Support

Work with our happy Customer Support staff. Need help getting started, strategizing on options for your learning plan? Whatever your concerns, we are there to help.

Planning is the Essential First Ingredient in any Successful Learning Program
The StarCast System includes all the features you need to put your plan into immediate action.

Whether you build competencies by department or by job description, StarCast helps to incorporate those into Learning Curricula that can be immediately rolled-out to your groups. Build online training courses, documents, tests, schedule classroom-based training, shop-floor training as elements of your plan. Push the plan to your users and track and test their progress.

Need help with strategizing the best way to integrate StarCast into your organization or division, just let us know. We're here to help.

How Can StarCast help me achieve my goals?
What Does StarCast Do?

StarCast helps companies:

   Train worldwide sales reps

   Train customers to use their products

   Train employees and keep them up-to-date

   Foster corporate workforce growth

   Comply with regulatory and government bodies such as FDA, ISO, TUV and other

Why Online Training?

   Save Time

   Save Money

   Eliminate Unnecessary Travel

   Communicate up-to-the-minute information

   Track, verify, and document that training took place

   Provide an online resource center available 24/7 to sales reps, customers, and employees

   Environmentally friendly training helps save the planet

Why StarCast?

   Specifically designed to serve companies in the many industry

   Proven track record serving the training needs of medical companies such as Smith and Nephew, ConMed/Linvatec, Endocare, Lumenis, Salient Surgical, Cardinal Health and many more

    Ready to go right out of the box- Implementation in weeks, not years

   Build your online content quickly, in-house, using your own content experts

   No per-seat licenses for software use

How Does It Work?

   Build courses, tests, and surveys (and gather important documents) and upload to your StarCast elearning System.

   Push Content to targeted trainees (via personalized training portals) that may include Sales Reps, Customers, and Employees.

   Users launch content and watch courses, take tests, view important documents, and sign “eSignature-required” elements.

   Track progress, gauge training efficacy, and produce validatable reports for governing bodies.