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Rick Jory, CEO/President Sandhill Scientific

Help to build strong customer relationships.
Traveling to educate and inform your customers about new product developments is unavoidable. But, providing ongoing education, documentation and support is more practically and immediately handled with a smart Portal designed specifically for them.

Product advancements occur at such a furious pace in industry that it's always a tremendous challenge to keep customers up to date.

For companies that sell complex devices, it is critical that the end users be well educated on the devices they buy. For your device buyers, excellent customer service means quality training and expert advice are available when they need it. Many customers request device training and certification before performing new procedures or using products they are unfamiliar with. Conversely, many companies insist on training prior to first-use in order to mitigate their own liability.

Unfortunately, with worldwide demands, your experts and trainers cannot be everywhere at once.

Now, instead of waiting for your device sales reps to schedule and deliver an in-service training class, your customers can go online to your StarCast Customer Training Portal and immediately access the specific elearning training courses and documents they need on your products.

The StarCast Customer Training Portal is specifically tailored for users who need quick and easy online access to a library of resources on the products they have purchased from you or are considering. Instantly alert them to new products and updates, or provide them with a solid foundation of device knowledge before your experts arrive for training. Your customers will thank you and so will your sales reps, who will be able to spend less time training and more time selling your devices.

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