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Todd Gladden, Corporate Training Manager, Conmed Linvatec

It's undeniable.
The better trained your employees are, the more fulfilled and productive they will be. Your organization will be stronger too.

But, it's always a challenge to keep employees, contractors and sales reps up to date on company policies, product changes and compliance mandates. Add to that the necessity of onboarding new hires, continuing employee development and specific skills training and the task could become overwhelming.

The good news is that StarCast supports all of your training agendas in several ways.

Personalized Training Portals

   With Personalized Training Portals, you control the targeting of content to user portals. Target only selected information to user portals: group specific, individual specific and general release.

   Push Assignments encourage individual users to meet specific requirements.

   Learning Plans provide an ongoing backbone of career path or job related training requirements and choices.

   One of StarCast's most powerful features, the StarCast Library makes content available to your employee groups on a self-serve basis to all users. Use this for refresher training, controlled documents, product specifications, HR publications.

   Employees can acess their portals anytime . They see immediately what's most important.

   StarCast’s eSignature module allows you to document and certify that training took place ensuring compliance with government regulations.

   Certifications earned are kept in each user's history file for ready access.

Group-Specific Portal Content

Training Courses, Documents and Tests can be targeted by Group or Individual making sure assignments, choices and plans are relevant for each user.

New Hire Portals support your corporate onboarding strategy. Successful early training and enculturation promote employee retention mitigating costs of re-hiring. From Day One, new hires dive into content designed to orient them to their new workplace and help them get started quickly with critical training items.

Sales Reps use their personalized training portal to instantly access the latest training materials, product release details, or modifications to Standard Operating Procedures.

StarCast also has Customer Portals!

A Better Way to Train

StarCast eliminates the hassle and expense of physical training materials that are hard to update, difficult to track and expensive to produce. Your employees can now have all the knowledge and materials they need, on site, minutes before a high imperative customer meeting. More importantly, by building tests into your StarCast training courses you can "pre-qualify" your employees and help make the decision on what training is necessary. This saves valuable time teaching basic fundamentals and ensures that knowledge levels are balanced when employees at different experience levels gather together for training.

Production Floor Training

StarCast helps companies improve upon traditional production floor buddy-training methods. Courses can be custom tailored to specific production areas or include video segments that demonstrate assembly techniques and best practices. With StarCast, training can take place on the production floor, in the clean room, in a training center, or at home. PUSH SOP and procedure docs and track classroom or outside training on an annual or periodic basis. Best of all, with eSignature validation, all training is properly documented and displayed to regulatory agencies that require proof that training took place.

CONMED Linvatec is a global leader in the field of sports medicine, specializing in arthroscopy, endoscopic medical video systems and powered surgical instruments. Headquartered in Largo, FL, CONMED Linvatec is at the forefront of technology for a growing range of minimally invasive and orthopedic surgical procedures. Orthopedic surgeons use CONMED Linvatec arthroscopic instrumentation, implants, fixation and tissue repair systems for diagnostic purposes, minor surgeries and complex reconstructions of knees, shoulders and small joints such as the wrist and ankle. With sales of nearly $600 million, Conmed Linvatec’s sales force includes over 400 domestic and international sales reps that represent the entire line of more than 3800 different products, which poses a significant training challenge. Their products are complex with a wide range of features and benefits that must be communicated in precise terms to orthopedic surgeons who demand accurate, cogent sales presentations and information. In the high stakes marketplace Conmed Linvatec operates in, poorly trained sales reps are simply ineffective, which makes training a key factor in Conmed Linvatec’s success.

The StarCast Solution In the past, reps were brought to the Largo, Florida headquarters for classroom training, stand-up presentations and hand-on demonstrations. However, because the sales force is so geographically dispersed, new sales reps sometimes waited months for classes to begin, which meant they were operating with inadequate information. The company tried sending binders full of product brochures, CDs and DVDs to fill the gap, but with no way to verify that the sales force was studying the information, the material often went unused and the training was ineffective. Now with StarCast, right from the beginning, sales reps log onto the company’s StarCast site and receive a detailed training plan guiding them through courses, tests and reference documents tailored to that sales rep’s territory, product specialty, experience and tenure with the company. The Conmed Linvatec StarCast Library contains over 400 training courses, tests and reference documents, all built by product managers or other Conmed Linvatec employees who are subject matter experts. Some courses have been replicated into as many as 11 other languages including French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and so forth. Each course contains customized content related to a particular product line and explains how the product is used, selling points, features, benefits and competitor’s offerings. Sales reps are able to go into the system anytime to access information they need. Once logged in, the system guides each sales rep through the courses they are required to take and keeps track of test scores, viewing times and comprehension. Managers are able to see how their direct reports are doing and intervene if needed. Once the sales rep has passed their StarCast courses, they are then allowed to attend live training at headquarters, which includes participating in cadaver-lab training for real, hands-on experience.

Product Knowledge = Increased Sales One of the biggest advantages of converting to web training has been that when sales reps do come to headquarters for hands-on training, they are now fully informed and prepared. This makes the live training sessions faster, livelier and more effective. Another big advantage is in the area of FDA and regulatory agency reporting. Increasingly for medical device manufacturers, the FDA is requiring that sales reps in the US and other countries be trained to the same standards, and that the company demonstrates the training has taken place. StarCast provides detailed reporting that allows Conmed Linvatec to satisfy the FDA’s requirements.
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